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How to furnish a large living room

One of the issues that most interests those who have a large house is how to furnish a large living room . The living room is the heart of the house , the environment in which we spend most of our time when we are not out and where we receive our guests, especially when we have the privilege of having a very large environment.

An extra large living room also has the advantage of be able to be a real living area , that is, a place capable of containing within it a variety of different environments , such as the dining area, the TV area and the relaxation corner, revealing itself to be an extremely functional and intimate space.

A large living room therefore has enormous potential , which is why it is important to pay extreme attention when organizing the various spaces , in choose the right lights hey furnishing accessories and the most suitable furniture . The target? Create an environment welcoming and functional that at the same time is able to express character and personality .

Furnishing a large living room in the right way may seem like a demanding challenge , the risk is that of making little use of the available space, giving rise to a large, bare and flat room; in the same way, overdoing it with too many furnishings and various accessories does nothing but contribute to the creation of a chaotic and slightly suffocating environment.

So how to furnish a large living room? Here are some tips on how to proceed by making the right choices and creating a stylish and comfortable environment .

How to furnish a large living room: delimit spaces and functions

Do you want to know how to furnish a large living room? The first step The necessary thing to start from is to organize the spaces based on their function , then everything else follows accordingly.

Having a single large room , the most functional and comfortable solution to furnish it is to create small different corners , each dedicated to a specific function and designed according to its purpose. For example, the key areas to start from are the dining area , relaxation area with sofa and armchairs and the multimedia area equipped with TV, possible console for games and a stereo. Furthermore, if the space available is very large, you can use the remaining space to set up further thematic corners dedicated to your interests or needs: for example, a office corner (for smart working), an area for musical instruments , or, why not, one mini equipment and meditation area . Especially if you are wondering how to furnish a large living room rectangular , therefore developed in length, you should follow this advice: it will be like recreating a traveling journey in stages between different spaces within a single large room.

To do all this well, however, the precaution must be to create harmony and order between the various environments; in this case, therefore, avoid exaggerating with the mix of ancient and modern furnishings, which is certainly an excellent solution in other circumstances, but which could generate confusion in an environment of this type. It is good, in fact, create a common thread in the furnishings : for example, if the prevailing style is modern, maintain this taste in the various corners of the room.

Another good idea to give greater uniformity to the environment could be to equip the living area with one plasterboard false ceiling that covers the entire ceiling area: this solution can highlight the areas that deserve the most, playing with the thicknesses and with the use of spotlights.

Also choose carefully position of the carpets can give order and harmony to the room: equipping each area with a different carpet, in fact, can help to delimit and frame the spaces more, while at the same time avoiding subtracting precious centimeters.

Furnishings for large living rooms: the choice of sofa

There is no doubt that the Sofa be it undisputed star of the living room , probably the most important furnishing element to characterize and enliven any self-respecting living area. The sofa is the fulcrum of the relaxation area of ​​the living room: a space where you can enjoy moments of tranquility and carefreeness together with your loved ones, as well as a meeting point for friends, family and acquaintances.

Which type of sofa is suitable for a large living room?

First of all, with so much space available the choice is also wider: you can opt for linear models (especially suitable for smaller rooms), as well as angular types (bulkier); certainly in these cases the best option is to opt for i L-shaped sofas , for the angular , or for i sofas with peninsula .

Among the Biesse Divani models , there are several sofas perfect for furnishing a large living room. An example is the Portofino Design sofa , characterized by a marked refined elegance, light and contemporary lines and equipped with comfortable goose down padding. Portofino is a modular sofa perfect for furnishing a large room and is also accompanied by the pouf element which can act as the end of the sofa or as a relaxation island.

Or again, the Relax Federico sofa , the model characterized by a great generosity of volumes that make it a real must-have to show off in the center of the living area and which allow it to act as a divider between the various rooms. The tilting mechanisms and movable backrests guarantee unrivaled mobility and seating comfort, while the wide availability of fabrics and colors to choose from for the upholstery allows you to give your living room a touch of color and elegance that never hurts.

Another excellent solution for furnishing a large living room is the Relax Mattia sofa , the perfect sofa for those looking for comfort and wanting a design element for their living room. Thanks to the multifunctional table , also equipped with a light point in the relaxation version, with this sofa you can also refrigerate drinks and recharge your smartphone with the USB input. Mattia also has wide armrests and adjustable backrests equipped with innovative electric relaxation mechanisms. The leather or fabric covering is available in various colors and also in the two-tone version.

Or, finally, the Design Samuel sofa : a unique creation characterized by modern and sinuous lines , whose strong points are the raised stitching , the designer feet combined with the elegant slim armrests and the very comfortable reclining backrests . It is a modular model available in various versions: linear, corner and with peninsula.

Trying to go beyond the "large sofa for a large living room" concept for a moment, another interesting solution could be to arrange several smaller linear sofas combined with poufs in the room, arranging them in different positions to recreate a totally personalized geometric effect.

What is certain is that thanks to the craftsmen of Biesse Divani you will be able to find the solution that best suits your needs, or create it tailor-made for you.

How to furnish a large living room: choosing colors and furnishing accessories

In addition to the sofa, to furnish a large living room it will also be necessary to correctly choose the rest of the furniture and furnishing accessories which will contribute to the creation of a harmonious and functional environment, as well as interesting and engaging both for those who usually live there and for guests.

The advice to keep in mind is: do not overdo it with furnishings and furniture : too many objects will only create a chaotic and claustrophobic image of the environment.

Regarding the functionality , you can take advantage of the large space available to place on the walls large bookcases or shelves – perhaps colored and matching the shades of the room – where to place books, magazines and plants, but also furnishing accessories such as lamps, perfumers, frames or a cellar with precious bottles and valuable glasses.

It is important to predict too one or more focal points that attract attention and break up a possible monotony effect. To create them is possible paint a wall (or a delimited area) of a different color from the rest , perhaps more lively, and install a epic object : a work of art, a statement mirror or perhaps a fireplace.

Ultimately the choices on how to furnish a large living room there are many, but keeping in mind the various tricks we talked about in the article and placing the emphasis on your personality, it will be very difficult to make mistakes: all you have to do is try!

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