Come abbinare un divano rosso

How to match a red sofa

Choosing the color of the sofa is not a simple task , especially if the intention is to donate a touch of personality to your living room : many shades available and identifying the one best suited to the environment in which the sofa will be placed is essential to creating a together cohesive and harmonious .

The color of the sofa, in fact, has a great impact on the final result of the living room: usually, a gray sofa or come on neutral colors – sober and elegant – it is very suitable for slightly formal living rooms with a minimal and refined taste; a sofa in brighter colors such as blue , yellow or red , however, will be the best choice for those looking for a warm atmosphere , sparkling And full of personality .

In this regard, specifically the red sofa is one of the most popular types, as his warm color , strong And passionate it is able to completely change the mood of any living room, giving it the right dose of personality, character and elegance . The red sofa, moreover, is timeless (it will never go out of style) and, above all, it is a lot versatile , as it matches well with all furnishing styles, from the most classic to the most modern ones.

Choosing the right red sofa it is undoubtedly the first step to take to have a living room with a capital S with great personality; to do this, it is certainly a fundamental aspect identify the shade of red that we like most and that best suits our living room, and then evaluate essential aspects such as quality of workmanship of the sofa and the possibility of customize model, measurements and coverings (materials and colours).

How to match a red sofa to the other elements of the living room furniture? As regards this aspect, however, don't let the particular color scare you, on the contrary: just follow the steps you will find in the next paragraphs to ensure that your red sofa integrates perfectly with the rest of the furniture. Here walls, carpets and cushions will become the ideal backdrop for the protagonist of your living room: the red sofa!

The perfect red sofa exists and you can easily match it

About the choosing the perfect red sofa , from Biesse Sofas you will be able to find the right mix of all the fundamental elements that a sofa must have: wide possibility of choice of types, colors and materials, high quality of raw materials And accurate workmanship , as well as vast possibility of requesting models with customized sizes for your living room.

Here are some examples of red sofas that you will find in our showroom:

The Twin sofa bed , for example, can be customized in different ways and is available in linear, corner and with peninsula storage versions, as well as in the variant without bed. Furthermore, by choosing this practical and elegant model (as well as all Biesse Divani models) you will have the possibility of selecting the upholstery in the material and shade of red you prefer, to give your living room the warm and refined atmosphere you have been looking for since time.

Furthermore, the Comodo sofa bed , simple but impactful, is an extremely versatile model and adaptable to any type of living room. It represents a perfect option even if the style of your living room is not fully defined, as it can be easily combined with different furnishing elements. This model is also available in different versions (linear, corner, peninsula container) and also has the advantage of the electro-welded mesh , characterized by a solid and robust structure that guarantees guaranteed comfort.

Finally, it is impossible to resist the charm of the Mattia sofa , by design contemporary and with an extremely comfortable seat thanks to the large armrests and adjustable backrests with electric relaxation mechanisms. One of the peculiarities of this sofa is the possibility of opting for a two-tone covering - for example red and white – a factor that can certainly help in combinations .

Let's see now how to match a red sofa – among the most versatile ever – integrating it into three furnishing styles different: modern , contemporary And classic .

Modern style: how to match a red sofa

If you want your living room to become a perfect environment modern and avant-garde style , the red sofa will undoubtedly be an excellent choice: its elegance and its ability to never go out of fashion make it a perfect model also for living rooms that follow the most recent furnishing trends .

Meanwhile, to follow the dictates of this style would be better do not fill the room too much with many accessories : it is better to give more importance to the sofa and leave free space around it.

Even for the pairings it is good to travel Street of simplicity : the red sofa, in fact, is perfect when combined with soft and natural colors , such as a natural concrete floor And walls and furniture in very light tones , capable of enhancing the liveliness of the sofa.

A great idea would be to hang a canvas , even quite large and colourful, that captures the red of the sofa and the color of the floor .

Contemporary style: how to match a red sofa

How to combine a red sofa in a contemporary style living room? In this case you can opt for the choice of color dove grey , a shade widely used today for walls and furniture, and which guarantees the refinement of a velvety color.

Any complements? In a contemporary style living room a red pouf , a glass coffee table and, why not, some lamp with sinuous and modern shapes (preferably white) are the ideal accessories to match your red sofa.

Classic style: how to match a red sofa

To create an environment in perfect classic style , however, will be enough combine the red sofa with white walls and floors : in this way, it will be easy to obtain a formidable result and give great prominence to the sofa.

Certainly, one of the advantages of this choice consists in the great brightness that the room will gain, which will also seem larger on a visual level.

The best furnishing accessories to match this style are the floor lamps And from the wall , but also the mirrors, which become decorative elements capable of creating a relaxing atmosphere and amplifying the effect of natural light.

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