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The sofa represents the furnishing element around which it revolves the furnishings of the living area of our homes. In addition to being among the protagonists of the house, sofas are a design element that gives a particular style and personality.

More and more often we look for an impactful aesthetic in this furnishing element, combined with the search for maximum comfort .

Biesse Divani studies the best design sofa solutions for you. Constant research and the design of cutting-edge models are among its strong points.

Linear , angular or with peninsula ; design with round, geometric lines and the timeless square ones: each one particular in its own way and designed to enrich and characterize your living room.

How to choose the right designer sofas

All of ours modern sofas design can be made in linear or modular versions and can be customized in size, covering and colours.

In order to choose the right factory sofa, there are some important characteristics of the living room to take into consideration, starting with the space in which the sofa will be placed . It is more important than ever to have in mind the place where the designer sofa will be placed in the living room.

Take the measurements carefully to have a correct perspective of the spaces occupied by the rest of the furniture that makes up your living room or relaxation area and you will have the right perspective of the space available to insert the sofa.

It is important that the sofa does not weigh down the room in which you decide to place it: finding the right compromise will make you lean towards the right design choice.

The context also represents an important factor in choosing your designer sofa. Is your living room more suitable for hosting a leather, fabric or technical fabric sofa? Biesse Divani manufactures its factory sofas in all these coverings in its linear and modular versions.

Another important factor for choosing your modern corner or linear design sofa is the color , which must absolutely harmonize with the environment that surrounds it. Create the right contrasts by choosing the color suitable for your living room.

Why choose Biesse Divani's designer sofas

Biesse Divani is a leader in Italy in the creation of factory design sofas that are completely customizable in shape, color and upholstery to give you maximum elegance and comfort, giving a unique and unmistakable tone to your environment.

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